Friday, April 29, 2011

Types of Jewelry Collections

Sites Specialzing in Types of Jewelry Collections
These sites are by members of The Jewelry Ring
Boucher Flower of the months
Charm bracelets
Paperweight jewelry Also known as goofus glass
Silver jewelry
Elzac-Victim of Fashion Collection
Blackamoor Jewelry
Forbidden Fruit Lucite Jewelry
Victorian Lover's Eye
Vintage Stampings
Monet Jewelry
Juliana Jewelry
Clip-mates, Duettes, Dress Clips,and Double-prong Clips
Calvaire Jewelry & Accessories
Horse /Figural Jewelry
Bowling Jewelry
1920 -30's Jewelry & sew-ons
Pansy Jewels
Grapes & Wine Jewelry
Vintage Compact's
Walking the Dogs
Bunny Rabbits
A Florenza Collection
Eisenberg Enamels
Lapel Watches


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