Sunday, May 01, 2011

Book Reviews by JR members

by Ian Balfour

Antique Collectors' Club; 3rd edition (October 1997)

November 2008
The Art of Juliana Jewelry
by Katerina Musetti

September 2008
Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830
Authors Ginny Redington Dawes with Olivia Collings

August 2008
Brooches:Timeless Adornment
by Lori Ettinger Gross 2008

July 2008
Warman's Vintage Jewelry:Identification and Price Guide
by Leigh Leshner 2008

July 2007
Delizza and Elster
Memoirs of a Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer
By Frank R. Delizza

June 2007
Secrets to Collecting Jewelry
How to Buy More for Less
By: Leigh Leshner

May 2007
Costume Jewelry 101
The basics of starting, building,and upgrading.
Identification andprice guide.
By Julia C. Carroll

March 2007
How to be a Jewelry Detective
"Elementary" Clues to solving the mysteries of Jewelry.
By C. Jeanenne Bell, G.G."The Jewelry Detective"

Feb 2007
Collecting Costume Jewelry 202
The basics of Dating Jewelry1935 - 1980 Identification and Value Guide
By Julia C. Carroll

Jan 2007
Inside the Jewelry Box
A Collector's Guide to Costume Jewelry Identification and Value
By Ann Mitchell Pitman


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