Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Reviews for Vintage CJ 2006

People ask what are good reference books for vintage costume jewelry. A couple of members in our Jewelry Ring Discussion group, Sam & Adrienne, do fabulous book reviews once a month.
To read past reviews click HERE. Once you go there click on the picture of the book to see the full reviews. We will post when new reviews are available.

Jan. 2006 book reviewed:

American Costume Jewelry 1935 - 1950

by Carla and Roberto Brunialti

Feb. 2006 Book reviewed:
Classical to Costume With Value Guide
by Monica Lynn Clements and Patricia Rosser Clements

March 2006 Book Reviewed:
Antique Enameled Jewelry
By Dale Reeves Nichollswith Robin Allison

April 2006 Book Reviewed:
DK Collector's GuidesCostume Jewelry
The Complete Visual Reference and Price Guide
By Judith Miller

May 2006 Book Reviewed:
Collecting Art Plastic Jewelry
Identification and Price Guide
by Leigh Leshner

June 2006 Book Reviewed:
Fun Jewelry
Revised with Updated Values
By Nancy Schiffer

August 2006 Book Reviewed:
Fabulous Fakes
A Passion forVintage Costume Jewelry
By Carole Tanenbaum

September 2006 Book Reviewed:
American Jewelry Manufacturers
By Dorothy T. Rainwater
A Schiffer Book

October 2006 Book Reviewed:
Unsigned Beauties of Costume Jewelry
Identification & Values
By Marcia "Sparkles" Brown

November 2006 Book Reviewed:
Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry 4th Edition
by Maryanne Dolan

December 2006 Favorite Reviews

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jewelry Supplies and Repairs

This is a list of sites with Jewelry Supplies or that do repairs
by some of the members of The Jewelry Ring.

Jewelry Supplies
Jewelers Loupe & Glue
Replacement Rhinestones
Bakelite testing squares
Jewelry Joose

Vintage Jewelry Repairs

Restringing please Send Email

Rhinestone repair
Fabrication repairs & re-stringing
Another re-stringing

Types of Jewelry Collections

Sites Specialzing in Types of Jewelry Collections
These sites are by members of The Jewelry Ring
Boucher Flower of the months
Charm bracelets
Paperweight jewelry Also known as goofus glass
Silver jewelry
Elzac-Victim of Fashion Collection
Blackamoor Jewelry
Forbidden Fruit Lucite Jewelry
Victorian Lover's Eye
Vintage Stampings
Monet Jewelry
Juliana Jewelry
Clip-mates, Duettes, Dress Clips,and Double-prong Clips
Calvaire Jewelry & Accessories
Horse /Figural Jewelry
Bowling Jewelry
1920 -30's Jewelry & sew-ons
Pansy Jewels
Grapes & Wine Jewelry
Vintage Compact's
Walking the Dogs
Bunny Rabbits
A Florenza Collection
Eisenberg Enamels
Lapel Watches

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did You Know?

We will be adding shared information here that will make you think "WOW! That's good to know!"
All of this will be provided from discussions on The Jewelry Ring.

Florenza Fun Facts!

1. The name Florenza has nothing to do with Italy. It was derived after Dan Kasoff's wife's name, Florence.
2. All of Florenza's gold metal jewelry is 24K gold plated.
Contributed by Jan Gaughan

More Florenza Facts

It's interesting to note that Florenza did not produce sweater guards as part of their general line of merchandise. Instead, these were made whenever appropriate-size components were leftover. Tw oexamples made from earring and necklace section castings.

Contributed by Mary Ann Designs

Trifari Tidbits:

1. Trifanium (TRI-three,FA-famous,IUM suffix for metal) a patented plating was invented by Trifari, and came in golden tone and platinum tone. It was a non-tarnishing silver substitute and not used on sterling.
2. KTF, an early Trifari mark, stood for Krussman(Leo), Trifari(Gustavo) and Fishel(Carl).
3. "First Lady Mamie Eisenhower commissioned Trifari (Alfred Philippe) during the 1950s, and wore specially made pieces (pearl jewelry) for the 1953 and 1957 Presidential Inaugural balls. More recently, Madonna glittered in a ‘Jewels of India’ pin and a pair of Trifari earrings, inspired by a 1920s Cartier design, in the blockbusting ‘90s film Evita"... quote from Judith Miller, author....

Pennino Pointers
2. Pennino in script was evidently only used in ads and other print items.
3. Pennino was always signed, except for a few commemortive items that were very limited in production.
4. Items marked "ORESTO" are not Pennino.
5. Pennino never made jewelry for other companies.
6. Pennino jewelry was made to look like fine jewelry, so is very high quality.
Contributed by Dotty Stringfield

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just for Fun

Just for fun we've made up a few albums to enjoy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Jewelry Ring Artisan Mall

We are very excited about the un-veiling of a new feature on The Jewelry Ring! We now have an Artisan Mall, for all of our creative and very talented Artisan members to utilize. Their creations are amazing and a must see!
The Jewelry Ring Artisan Mall

Helpful Sites by non-members

Silver Marks
Laser Jewelry Repairs
Plastics Info & Testing
Cameo Info

United Postal Service
Shipping Insurance Option 1
Shipping Insurance Option 2
Jewelry Boxes & Props
Shipping & Other Labels